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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Globe Artichoke

My globe artichokes are getting bigger by the day. The largest one here is the size of an orange already. As previously stated, they get horribly infested by blackfly and are quite inedible. This one is still fairly tight and quite clean. Today I tied it up in a loose bag made from a piece of fleece.

I pulled up and composted my 'magic broccoli' today. There were hundreds of purple sprouting flowers and quite a few tall heads of yellow flowers. A fantastic crop this year, I spaced them a little wider apart than I did last year's crop. About 2 feet between plants really worked this year.

I also sowed some spinach and some chard today. The overwintered crop is huge at the moment and bolting madly. Only have a week or so left of this wonderful veggie. I also sowed some dwarf beans 'Royalty' (stolen from Heligan...shhh) and some dwarf beans 'Poinciana' (stolen from George Washington's garden at Mount Vernon...shhhh). What a great way to remember a wonderful holiday?...officer


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