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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Highs and Lows

 It's nearly all good news on the allotment at the moment.  These little Patty Pan squash are showing their true shape and colour.  I think I will cut them when they are about 2" diameter.
 These lovely Delica squash are just about the size for harvesting.  I think I will pick this one and let it ripen on a sunny rooftop. This will allow other squash developing to put on some size.
 Lots and lots of Beefmaster tomatoes developing outside.  I have cut off some of the lower leaves so that they get some sunlight to ripen properly.
 Lots of these volunteer squash are starting to grow as well. These Queensland Blue squash plants just grew up where I put home made kitchen compost. 
 I might not be medically trained, but I have a feeling that this special variety of chilli are not quite the same as advertised.  I thought I would have a laugh with these seeds labelled Chilli Willy... perhaps any readers with professional qualifications might advise how closely they resemble the said object..
I am thrilled however, with the first of many Apricot Chilli that are starting to ripen.  A lovely mild, fruity chilli to be eaten raw. Awaits the taste test.


At 12:31 PM, Blogger Mark Willis said...

That Apricot chilli looks particularly attractive. Are the seeds available commercially, do you know?

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Dewberry said...

In Poland there are similiar "chilli willi" seeds on the market. Here the variety is called 'papryfiutki' (meaning: pepper penises). Many people grew this variety but none of them got this funny shape pepper. The chillies in the advertisement photo look great, but in reality they never grow this funny penis-shape.

At 10:09 PM, Blogger Matron said...

Mark - yes the seeds are available from Sea Spring Seeds. I blogged about them on July 9th when I visited Hampton Court.

At 7:35 AM, Blogger CJ said...

I'm panicking now that I didn't pick my patty pan squashes when they were little. I'm assuming you can then eat them whole. I was given a plant, which is doing well, but I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to eating them.

At 9:33 AM, Blogger Matron said...

CJ - Don't panic! Like all squashes they can be eaten at any size. The smaller they are the more tender they are. I've not grown them before but they can be left to grow large and eat them like marrows or pumpkins.

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Kelli said...

The chili willy looks interesting. Your plants are looking really healthy. Looks a success to me.

At 11:03 AM, Anonymous Paulina said...

Love all the pictures! I have a huge and delightful crop of tomatoes too. I also have a Spongs Bean Slicer somewhere in a drawer, it was my mother's. Happy days slicing beans when I was a kid!!!


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