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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Spring Harvest

 I have been really pleased at the amount and the quality of produce that can be had from container gardening in a small courtyard in London.  The protected nature of a back garden means that quite a few veggies have been ahead of more exposed spots.  I grew these Rocket first early new potatoes in a bag.
 They are clean and prolific.  The only slight down side is that because they were grown in compost rather than soil, the flavour was not that great.  Perhaps next time I could mix some soil and manure.
 Masterpiece broad beans are about 5 foot tall and doing great too!
 Another taste test on the horizon. These are the Italian Romanesco courgettes.  Supposed to be one of the best flavour.  Traditionally bought in Italy with the flower kept on.  Courgette flowers can be battered fried and eaten too.
 I am going to do a taste comparison test with my old favourite Black Forest climbing courgettes.
A climbing courgette is a real bonus in a space saving container garden.  I'll let you know how the taste test went.


At 4:27 PM, Blogger Mark Willis said...

"Rocket" is one of the best new potatoes - it has such a light, feathery texture (which means I can eat LOADS of them!).


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