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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sweet corn

I had planned to plant my sweet corn when I pulled up my broad beans. Broad beans have only just started to be picked - had my first feeding today! There is no taste like your own fresh picked broad beans - yum

Anyway, found a little square plot to plant out my sweet corn plants which were in danger of getting pot bound. These were a variety called "mini pop" I have not grown these before, the seeds were the same shape as popcorn, not the usual square shape. I am not sure if these will turn out to be mini corn - like the ones you put in stir fry, or if they will be pop corn, or ornamental - cannot see reference to them anywhere. Does anyone know them?

Sweet potatoes are thriving! I turned one out of its pot today to have a look at the root system. In only a week or so it has a very health root system and lots of new leaves. I think I will plant them out in the next couple of days, the soil has warmed right up now. It was 80degrees today, phew! The little I have read about the cultivation of sweet potato suggests that they are planted up on ridges - does anyone have suggestions?


At 7:07 PM, Blogger AllotmentBoss said...

Right, that's it, you're definitely copying me! First you grow sweet potatoes, now you grow minipop sweetcorn. Tsk! :-)

We've grown minipop for the last couple of years. It is mini corn, as in the type you stir fry whole when it's about 10cm long. We get about four or five thingummies per plant. Ifyou let them get bigger they just go really tough.


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