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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Puddling in Leeks

Yes folks ! I have puddled in my leeks. I planted a pot full of leek seeds back in the late Spring, unfortunately these were some of the casualties of going away on holiday for 2 weeks in June. Sadly only one out of about 100 survived! Found a garden centre with some un-named leek seedlings and planted them out a few weeks ago. Isn't it annoying when a garden centre just sells seedlings as "leeks" or "cabbage" or "tomato". I always feel it would look pedantic to ask the staff which variety they are.

Anyway, back to the leeks. I have always found leek seedlings to be as tough as nails. Plop them in, give them a hair cut and puddle them in. Only 2 weeks ago this first row were just like chives, now they are the thickness of a pencil. I have always grown blanch leeks. Has anyone ever tried pot leeks? How do they differ? Any recommended varieties? Posted by Picasa


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