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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Purple Sweet Potatoes

 Here's something different.  I first came across these Purple Sweet Potatoes when I had family visiting Hawaii.  Known originally as Okinawa sweet potato (from Japan) they seem to be gaining in popularity.  Sold in the USA as 'Stokes' purple, it is now available at Waitrose as a Stokes Sweet Potato.  I found these at my local Chinese supermarket, they are seasonally available between September and March.
 They maintain this amazing colour when cooked, and contain the same chemicals as found in blueberries,  blackberries and other purple fruit and vegetables 'anthocyanins'  You can use this sweet potato when cooked for an amazing range of brightly coloured dishes, cakes, muffins, ice cream or just mashed as a veggie.  They have a dry, firm texture and a lovely sweet flavour which I think tastes like sweet chestnuts.   They are delicious!
 So, this recipe from Hawaii is the most delicioius thing you can imagine, and if you can get hold of some sweet potatoes I highly recommend you google for 'Okinawa Purple Sweet Potato Haupia Pie'  The 'Haupia' refers to the sweet coconut milk topping that goes on top.

I cooked the sweet potato in the microwave then mashed it - just look at this amazing colour! You then make a sweet topping with sugar and evaporated milk, and spread it over the top of a macademia nut shortbread that you have already baked! (see all these great Hawaiian foods!)
 Bake in an oven gently till the sweet potato topping is just cooked.  This mixture is a little bit like a pumpkin pie mixture.  When it is completely cold you make a thick coconut sauce with a tin of coconut milk, sugar and cornflour.  Pour this thick sauce over the top of the sweet potato topping and allow to cool completely.
I am quite a foodie, and enjoy growing and cooking all sorts of fruit and veggies, but this has to be one of the tastiest things I have made!  If you can get hold of some purple sweet potatoes, then you must make this!  It tastes amazing!...  Now I am going to see if I can grow some shoots on the remaining sweet potatoes and try to grow some in my garden!..


At 1:03 PM, Blogger islandgal246 said...

Matron I have been yearning to hold of this sweet potato for many years. Lucky you and good luck with the shoots. That dessert looks amazing. Still saying that your strawberry jam is the best!

At 11:34 AM, Blogger Carrie said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I need one of those buns and many sweet potatoes in my life. I love sweet potatoes but haven't seen this variety before. Best of luck trying to get a crop - we sure aren't in Hawaii :)


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