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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cucumber Crazy

 There is a cucumber glut in my garden at the moment.  They seem to come all at once and then have a bit of a rest.  These lovely large cucumbers are 'Carmen' a beautiful F1 variety which has an excellent resistance to powdery mildew.  Courgettes right next to it are  suffering but the cucumber is just fine.
 Really pleased with this variety,  it is growing in a large pot up against a South Facing Wall.  Definitely a keeper for next year.
 I really do like the smaller cucumbers, they are much more convenient for snacking, you don't have a half cucumber going to waste. This lovely pale skinned mini cucumber is Delizia.  Beautiful refreshing flavour with a thin skin.
 Again, these little cucumbers are in a pot climbing up against a South facing brick wall.  They really do appreciate regular watering - I think this is the key to all cucumbers.
 Now, my little 'La Diva' cucumbers are supposed to be another mini variety but I have some mis shapen ones here.   Perhaps my watering was not as regular, and this one was in slightly less sunlight on a West facing balcony.  In fact, I forgot the one on the left and it is a bit over ripe.  Apart from the shape, these have a really good taste, and a really convenient lunchbox or snacking size.
I have been using thick slices of cucumber for dipping.  Houmus, Salsa, Guacamole or Taramasalata, Using them up quickly now.


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