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Matron grows vegetables and fruit in a Hampshire garden. I've been growing veggies since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Some traditional varieties and old favourites as well as new ideas. I share my garden with my allotment assistant Daisy the Labrador. On Twitter as @MatronsVeggies

Monday, August 17, 2020

Success with Peaches

 Hooray!  Matron is still here!  I thought blogger had threatened to delete all posts on this platform, I thought I was going to loose everything but it looks as if I'm still here!  

So let me share this success with you.  6 of these beautiful Rochester peaches set fruit.  A couple were pecked and went rotten, but I did manage 3 beautiful ripe peaches.  They were hidden from birds by the leaf cover and managed to survive.  Really wonderful taste and texture.  Only a 3 year old tree so anything is a bonus.

Next post will show you how I have fan trained the tree.

It's good to be back!  Matron xxx


At 6:49 PM, Blogger Midmarsh John said...

Great to see you are still weaving your magic on growing fruit and veg.

At 1:06 PM, Blogger Mal said...

Hi Matron - Glad to hear you have been persisting and are getting some reward with your peaches.

At 8:01 AM, Blogger Rob said...

It's scary to think that they can just take away years of blogging work at the blink of an eye.
There was a time when I never even considered growing Peaches, especially outdoors but if you can avoid a frost when in flower they actually do very well. As you say they do tend to rot easily and quickly if damaged when getting ripe. They are definitely well worth having a go at though.

At 5:02 PM, Blogger Mia John said...

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