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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hot July day

It was about 85 degrees today, phew! Lots of weeds had grown while I was on holiday, cleared patches of ground whilst drinking pints and pints of squash. Pulled up all my broad beans and then took a while to admire my nitrogen nodules (aren't they exciting?).

Atlantic Giant pumpkins look OK, starting to ramble since I pinched out the leader. Largest one is the size of a lemon now. I think I will leave 2 pumpkins on each plant and pinch out the rest, see how big I can get them - remember boys, I am going for size this year instead of flavour....

Loganberries are ready, had my first ones this weekend - just naked with nothing on, straight from the plant. Those dastardly saw flies are munching their way through my gooseberry "Invicta" pesky critters. Redcurrants are ready to pick too... mmm Summer Pudding.


At 10:43 AM, Blogger Greenmantle said...

My Atlantic Giants have gone nuts as well in this weather. I usually get dwon there every other day - and always have to go round with a spade to chop them back from invading my neighbour's plot.

Had a cricket ball sized fruit started this week, but I decided to remove it as it was growing right in the centre, and would have obstructed watering as it got bigger.


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