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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Beefsteak tomatoes

My 'Marglobe' tomatoes have done exceptionally well this year. I planted quite a few different varieties of tomato on my tomato hedge, outdoors during this very hot, dry Summer. The 'Harlequin' tomatoes were the earliest to ripen but have been quite small due to lack of water. The Marglobe have been brilliant! Some of the biggest and best quality I have ever grown. Last year I nursed about a dozen plants, each singly pampered up its own stick and watered lovingly - the crop was quite good. But this year, almost neglected because of the hosepipe ban and exceedingly hot weather they have done well. I suppose because they are essentially a Mediterranean hot country tomato and they have more 'meat' and less water.

I ate a couple of really red ripe beefsteak tomatoes last week, in half inch slices, on a plate with fresh basil leaves and good quality olive oil, sea salt and black pepper. Mouthwateringly lasciviously, lipsmackingly brilliant! Posted by Picasa


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