Down on the Allotment

Matron grows vegetables and fruit in a courtyard garden. Which edibles will tolerate less than ideal growing conditions. Discovering how veggies can grow in partial shade.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Growing Okra

A few years ago I tried growing okra, without success. Today I planted some seeds in a heated propagator in the greenhouse. I bought them in the USA this week - Wal Mart 59c

The packet said that it will take 54 days to maturity, which doesn't seem that long to me. I might try planting a few seeds in succession, maybe in May or June. My Sister used to grow okra when she lived in Mississippi. I can best describe the plant as about the height of a large chilli plant - about 4 feet tall.

Has anyone grown okra over here? Does anyone have any hints?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

What? No veggies?

Visted Kew gardens yesterday for the 'Intensely Tropical' display in the Princess of Wales greenhouse. Thousands upon thousands of tropical flowers in bloom and displayed imaginatively. Such a walk through time, as I have been visiting Kew for over 40 years. Only problem is..... no veggies!

Nice pussycat!