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Monday, May 19, 2014

Matron Goes to Chelsea - Part 1

Every year when I go to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show it gets more and more approachable and friendly.  I must admit that the first time I visited a few years ago I was debating whether or not the shoes should match the bag - but not any more. Of course, from my point of view it has improved every year with the inclusion of more 'grow your own' and 'dig for victory' displays.
Allotment societies are invited by the RHS to attend.  So many people grow their own veggies now, it is no longer just reserved for the working classes. Everyone is doing it! Hooray!
One very moving display examined the effect of the First World War on gardening.  Many of the fit, young men employed as gardeners were lost in the war. 'Where Have All the Gardeners Gone'?
Naughty Peter Rabbit put in an appearance too.  There he was in Mr MacGregor's garden eating the lettuces!  How many of us know the meaning of the word 'soporific?' - We have Beatrix Potter to thank for that one.
Monty and Joe put in an appearance too.  Today was a real star-spotting occasion too.
There was a bit of a bloggers and tweeters meet up - or a 'tweet up' at one point.  Here I am today with Celia from Purple Podded Peas.  Sensible shoes at the ready...
How about these?


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