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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Second Sowings

 You may find that runner beans find it very hard to set pods in this dry weather.   You may find that giving the flowers a shower with the hose on a daily basis may help.   They also love to have moist roots, you really cannot over water runner beans, so after a good water make sure the roots have a good mulch.  They are also greedy feeders so keep up the feeding as well.
 I am growing Physalis this year.   I picked up one plant earlier this year at a local fete,  I then remembered that these really do need a pollination partner to set fruit.   I remember having problems with my Mexican tomatillo plants a couple of years back.  They do much better if they have another plant or several plants with which to cross pollinate.
 I have made some second sowings of some of my veggies.  Already my Romanesco Courgettes and my Delistar Cucumbers are doing really well and cropping every day, but I know they will start to get tired in a couple of weeks and there will be plenty more heat and day length to come in September and October.  I've also made a quick second sowing of some dwarf French beans.  They will come up quickly in this weather.
It is hot, hard work in this heatwave, so my lovely garden assistant Daisy is supervising from a comfy spot! Thanks Daisy!


At 3:44 PM, Blogger Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

The runner bean information is helpful. I have twelve plants and have been wondering how careful I should be about keeping water off the leaves in this very hot weather - and the answer seems to be not at all. And I was planning to look up whether I should feed them - and you have given the answer to that too.
I don't have mulch but the plants look happy.


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