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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Giant Pumpkins

These Atlantic Giant pumpkins are growing away well now. Just look at the difference in two days compared to the last photo. This one has doubled in size. I have been feeding with a combination of Tomorite and manure tea. Does anyone have a favourite recepie I could try? Posted by Picasa


At 11:52 AM, Blogger Porl said...

Resembles a giant gooseberry.

Sadly my butternut squash has been relocated , but he has god new foster parents , i IN TURN recieved some wisley toms in a pot whuich have just flowered.

So I have indeed managed veggies on my roof garden.

Saying that , I won't get much done this weekend as I fell arse over breast at St James Pk on the way home and I am now hobbling on crutches.


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