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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Lemon Cucumbers

I had a packet of seeds posted to me from the USA last year (is that legal?) anyway... I saw them growing wild in hedgerows around Mississippi, they are a variety of cucumbers the packet just calls them "Lemon". They have done well in the greenhouse and they are extremely prolific. Picked my first one today - about the size of a tennis ball, completely round and a creamy yellow colour, fairly spikey, but these rub off. Doesn't taste of lemon, so the name must just refer to the shape and or the colour. Flavour was OK, a nice mild juicy cucumber flavour. Will post a photo when I pull my finger out.

Does anyone know the protocol about seed packets from the USA?.. I looked on the DEFRA website when visiting Madeira earlier this year and it seems that almost anything goes within Europe.


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