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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Matron Goes to Chelsea - Part 2

 Lots of lovely shopping to do at Chelsea, there really is something for everyone!
 I bought myself a Leek Moth Trap.  These pheromone traps mimic the hormones given off by the female leek moth, a sticky pad traps the moths as they come in to investigate.  Leek moths have been an increasing problem in the past few years. I'm going to give this a go.
 A really fascinating display at the Robinson's stand.  I loved the idea of this 'Mexican Tree Spinach'
 or try growing some 'Caigua' which are part of the cucumber family apparently.  I love to grow new and unusual fruit and veggies.  So lovely to be able to talk to the lovely ladies from Robinson's who really know their onions!
 A stunning display of fruit, flowers and veggies from Waitrose and the NFU, showing the quality of produce which can be grown in the UK.
 and of course, Matron found a friend - or two friends!


At 8:18 AM, Blogger Celia Hart said...

I loved the British Growers display! Wasn't it amazing?! When I was there it even had a Hairy Biker!

I needed another 3 hrs to see everything - may next time I'll get an early train ;-)



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