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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Blight Watch

Here in London it has been warm and wet for quite a while now.  Everything on the allotment is growing fast, and that includes the weeds.  Potatoes just LOVE these conditions, but unfortunately so does potato blight!  The dreaded fungal disease which affects potatoes.   There is a higher risk of potato blight taking hold when the temperature has been above 10 degrees C for 2 consecutive days and the relative humidity has been above 90% for at least 11 hours in the day.  There is a national Blight Watch service provided giving industry and individuals a heads up on when there is a risk of blight.
Now might be the time to use a traditional remedy Bordeaux Mixture.  This solution is classed as an organic remedy and consists of copper sulphate and lime.  Spraying over the foliage can help prevent the fungus from getting hold. I'm off to the garden centre tomorrow to buy some!


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