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Monday, April 23, 2018

Building a Compost Bin

 What a perfect housewarming prezzie! The first thing I have to do before I do anything in my new garden is get myself a compost bin.  Mowing the lawn, trimming my bush (Oooh Matron!), just has to wait until I have somewhere to make compost.
 So I bought myself a handy little cordless drill and got down to it this afternoon. 
 The bottom layer of planks are fixed in to the bottom of the corner posts so it creates a solid square frame.  I am siting the compost area in the darkest area at the corner of an otherwise sunny, South facing garden.
 Once the bottom layer of planks were fixed firm, I just slotted in the other planks on the other sides.
 So now the compost bin is ready to start brewing!  Daisy's Sister lives nearby at a local riding and livery stable here in the New Forest.  So my new best friend can let me have an unlimited supply of fresh horse manure!  What more could a Girl want?  Newly mown grass, hedge clippings and fresh horse manure!  I know that all my fellow veggie growers will understand.
So, Daisy made the first contribution! My little 'Compostador'


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